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smb/rsync – cannot allocate memory


To sync a set of files from a linux raid to backup-HDD in a windows machine, you need to mount it (depending on your share, network, etc.) via:

# mount -t cifs /mnt/smb’data’ -o username=bob

Now you could copy your files via:

# rsync -avP /home/user/datadir /mnt/smb/datadir

But after a while windows will not allow to copy any more data and rsync cannot allocate enough memory. This can be allowed via a few registry entries:

Set “HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\LargeSystemCache” to “1″.
Set “HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters\Size” to “3″.
Restart the “server” service.
Another problem you might run into is, that the vfat file system is not able to use question marks in file names. Unfortunately ext[2,3,4] can, so you are not able to copy the data. There is a patch for rsync which would transliterate the question marks with other characters, but it is just on the wish list and so you will have to patch it yourself or wait until it is integrated in maybe the next version. Also you could rename all the files with question marks in it or write a script which would do that.


Antec P182

New Server & Dota Replay Parser


Arrrrrgh, the blog’s been stagnating for a while, but I blame the instability of my old server that discouraged me from posting anything. Coincidently however my ice breaking post relates to the scrapping of my old not-so-trustworthy server I’ve been keeping alive by feeding it spare parts. I’ve finally come to a point where I’ve setup a brand new machine with all new parts dedicated solely to acting as headless server and performing several other home network functionalities.

The rig I’ve put together consists of the parts listed bellow, all cased in a spanking new Antec P182, making the server the quietest piece of machinery I own.

Antec P182

Antec P182

Case and Cooling

  • Case: Antec P182 EU – 140 €
  • CPU Cooler: Scythe MUGEN 2 SCMG-2000 1366 – 45 €
  • Case Fan: Scythe Kama PWM 120mm – 10 €
  • PSU: Corsair VX 450W (CMPSU-450VXEU) – 71 €


  • Mobo: GA-EP43-DS3L – 68 €
  • GFX: NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS 256MB GDDR2 – 28 €
  • CPU: DC2 E5200, 2.500 GHz 2MB, 800Hz, LGA775 BOX – 63 €
  • RAM: Ram DDR2 Geil 2Gb PC6400 800 2Gb – 28 €


  • HD 1: WD 1 Tb SATA300 , 7200, WD10EADS, 32MB cache SATA-II/300 GREEN – 88 €
  • HD 2: WD 1 Tb SATA300 , 7200, WD10EADS, 32MB cache SATA-II/300 GREEN – 88 €
  • HD 3: WD 640 Gb SATA300 , 7200, WD6401AALS, 32MB cache SATA-II/300 – 64.5 €

CDP Dota Parser

Since the demise of CTS, the clan’s website’s been frozen so I’ve decided to move my pet Dota Replay parser project to this site.
It can be accessed as a page and I’ll be adding any future updates there.

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