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Quiblets – Lithium Ion Batteries


Info taken from an arstechnica article.

Practice shallow discharges.
One of the worst things you can do to a Li-ion battery is to run it out completely all the time. Li-ion batteries don’t suffer from the ‘memory effect’.

Keep your batteries cool.
Even using a battery at room temperature for a year can bring its capacity down by as much as 20 percent. So avoid direct sunlight, cars in summer, …

Use your battery regularly and for small apps.
Running the battery out very quickly by drawing a lot of power at once is another way to cause it a lot of strain.
With a spare battery you don’t use that often, manufacturers say the best way to store it is at 40 or 50 percent charge in a cool place.

Quiblets – Interesting bits of information


To start the quiblet collection, here’s a couple of interesting bits I stumbled upon lately regarding Flavor, Taste and the like.

Temperature affects the sensitivity of taste. The colder it gets, the less we taste, thus a Coke tastes much sweeter when lukewarm.

All substances, including foods, release more odor molecules when warm or hot than when cold, so their smells are much stronger. That’s the reason garbage is so much more revolting on a hot day and the reason warm or hot foods tend to smell so much stronger than cold foods.

The odor molecules can reach the receptors either through the nose or up through the pharynx, the passage connecting the mouth with the nose, which is why one of the best ways to detect the aromas of our food is to exhale with the mouth closed as we’re eating – it forces the air up through the pharynx.

There’s more to enjoying food than just smell and flavour, since our taste buds also convey information on temperature, pain and mouthfeel (texture).

Salty taste heightens flavor and Sour taste sharpens it, but when in small enough quantities you won’t taste the salt itself. Thus salt and lemon juice or vinegar are great for bringing out the flavor in dishes, unleashing their taste on our taste buds.

Milk (due to fat) or watered sugar (10%) help against chilli burn.

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