X-Com Apocalypse is one of my favorite games and I love returning to it years after my initial contact with brainsuckers, the Cult of Sirius and screaming civilians.
Seeing as how the game was made during the days of DOS it can be a bit tricky to get your old CD working on newer systems, but fret not DOSBox is here to save the day as usual.

You can use your old CD, or track down an image if yours is damaged or missing like the 2 original ones I had. Sigh. There’s also a GOG release for steam, which is reported to work well.

Required software

- DOSBox (Tested with version 0.74)
- XCOM Apocalypse CD or ISO (Tested with XCOM APOC V1.00 25 June 1997.iso)


- Installation and setup takes place in DosBOX as does gameplay

  1. Mount the .ISO with Daemon Tools or whatever applicable software.
  2. DOSBox
    • Install if needed
    • Create a DOSBox Config file for XCOM Apoc
      • How to createa a DOSBox Config File
        – Start DOSBox 0.74 Options.bat in your DOSBox folder and save the output to a new file.
      • Settings to change:

        Show / Hide DOSBox settings

        To start DOSBox with these settings, create a shortcut and use the -conf switch to load your custom DOSBox settings.
        (eg. C:\apps\games\DOSBox-0.74\DOSBox.exe -conf “d:\games\xcoma\DOSBox.XComA.conf”)

  3. Installing the game
    • Start DOSBox with your config file.
    • Navigate to CD-Rom and run install.exe
      [ d: ]
      [ install.exe ]
    • Choose optimal / full installation and wait for CD-Rom checks, which can take a while.
    • Ignore all hardware requirement errors / notices.
    • Finish setup.
    • Copy Music, Video and a few other files to your installation dir (Gameroot) of your CD-Rom (d:).
      • You can do this in Windows (or other Host OS)
      • Copy the file d:\MUSIC to your Gameroot.
      • Copy the dir d:\SMK (Videos) to your Gameroot.
      • Copy the dir d:\MAPS to your Gameroot (Only necessary to get Maps 59ALIEN1 and 60ALIEN2 which are omitted by the installer, but might as well copy the whole dir)
      • (Optional) Copy d:\INSTALL\ESETUP.exe (Sound setup) and d:\INSTALL\BG2.raw if they’re not already present to your Gameroot
  4. Sound setup
    • Start DOSBox with your config file.
    • Run esetup.exe (or setup.exe)
      - [ esetup.exe ]
    • Choose the following settings to get music and sound working:
      Soundblaster 16/AWE32
      Set Port:220
      Set IRQ:7
      Set DMA: 5
    • Just save and exit setup.
  5. Ready to play!
    • Start DOSBox with your config file.
    • Start the game with XCOMAPOC.exe if needed
    • Enjoy!